Indoor Environment quality under EPBD: EN 16798-1 standard and REHVA residential ventilation guidebook

Energy performance improvements generally have no sense without securing adequate Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). However, currently there are no binding IEQ or ventilation requirements at EU level, expect those mentioned in the revised EPBD directive. In the revision process, the assessment of the implementation status of the EPBD by the EU Member States in terms of ventilation and indoor air quality criteria showed many inadequate ventilation problems reported from renovation, but also new evidence that mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems lead to an overall improvement of the IAQ and reduction of reported comfort and health related problems if properly designed and operated. Revised EPBD gives a clear mandate to Member States to establish minimum ventilation and other IEQ requirements for new buildings and major renovations as optimising health, indoor air quality and comfort levels defined by Member States at national or regional level is a new directive wording. Major tool for IEQ implementation is updated EN 16798-1 standard which is especially useful for non-residential buildings. For residential buildings there is very little in standards being a reason why new European residential ventilation guidebook has been developed.
Atze Boerstra
Jarek Kurnitski